Auchan in Portugal is one of the pioneers in the modern large area retail, with distribution activities since 1970 and with 35 Stores National wide Always committed to be a changing retailer in a changing world, their ambition is to meet today's purchase- and health-conscious omni-channel consumers, with the goal of bringing change to their lives!

Pro-Inspector supported the “Customer POV” initiative, allowing the store manager to have a global point of view (POV) through the eyes of a costumer walking along the corridors and each department inside a store, spotting non-conformities and improving points.


Auchan wanted to have a customer perspective on his visit to Auchan large area retail store, without the need for direct surveys to the customer that sometimes can be annoying and almost became harassment.
They wanted to create a internal process to register Customer POV, on a strore walkthrough.

This process of store walkthrough needed to be fast and spot non-conformities and improving points to be immediately handled by each department.
By using a mobile device with a standard checklist, they wanted to register everything with evidences (photos with metadata timestamp), getting periodic audit reports and a Day/Week/Month/Quarter overall view to address trends and global actions to be implemented throw-out the Store’s network.


  • We introduced Pro-Inspector to Auchan.
  • In the BACKOFFICE we configure the stores as Objects, the departments and the workflow process when detecting a non-conformity or an action point.
  • We created a master checklist that covered all necessary aspects in retail do be used for all stores but customized for each store layout and reality.
  • Using all the major existing dashboard functionalities, we added some specific for retail to meet the customer requirements.
  • The workflow process with alerts and distribution list along with the specific reports was a key factor for achieving project goals.
  • No paper, everything online like instant reports and shared information to immediate action when detecting a non-conformity.
  • Every Store uses a Windows tablet shared along the day shifts.


Auchan has now documented evidences of what happening on their daily activity by Customer POV, without harassing the customers, with everything online and available to follow-up, trace and to be assessed for further improving.

  • The stores reports are now deliver at the end of each audit, allowing to take immediate actions and implement the necessary changes.
  • The inspectors don’t have any additional administrative work to do after the visit, and all the information is online stored in a database folder for further use and reference.
  • All the stores have a standard checklist report and can evaluate their performance against the company rules and regulations.
  • Now all the stores have also evidences and history data to justify their actions allowing the headquarters to accompany online the action status with more rigorous and faster monitoring.

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