Every country has it their own regulations and standard for gas distribution systems to residential & commercial properties. All properties should undergo the gas inspections periodically as per the government law. All states and local authority ensures the gas safety through government inspection or third-party gas inspection companies. It very essential to protect people from gas accidents and risks. The entire procedure of recording a client request, processing information, scheduling inspections and providing required information to the inspectors took long time. In a paper base format, Inspectors spent a lot of time filling handwriting and freeform reports, going into office and give it to staff to enter that same data into a digital format for the issuance of certificates and invoices.


  • Paper forms usage
  • Field data gathering
  • Outside activities and geographical dispersion
  • Travel time, schedule and planning activities
  • Visual and manual check without immediate evidences record
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Print inspection result report on field
  • Business to consumer process: Invoice on field
  • Sharing Report and Certificate fast without additional administrative work.


  • They have all the procedures well defined but using paper to gather data from field.
  • In some case photo are taken but not immediately made available, with the need of administrative additional work.
  • Evidences are collected but without the responsible signature confirmation
  • Field data register but in two stages: after collecting data, it needs to be introduced in the Company system.
  • Workers have years of experience but their knowledge is personal.
  • Inspectors spent a lot of time going into office to handle the administrative work like schedule inspection calendar, current balanced account, exchange operational data.


  • Pro-Inspector is an Enterprise digital tool for Inspections , Audits & Field Services.
  • Paperless: Easier, Simpler & Quicker
  • Instant Report and Global Dashboard
  • Gather photo evidences and signatures with metadata GPS and date/time stamp.
  • Instant report and mobile printing
  • Invoice issue on the spot.
  • Audit History at your finger tips
  • Shared information directly to responsible contacts
  • 360o Inspection information accessed via web Portal
  • 75% reduction in admin work & 30% increased Productivity

No more “but”!


After implementing Pro-Inspector as their operational tools to do certified Gas Inspections, our customers were able to:

  • Show a more professional look by using mobile devices.
  • Decrease the waiting time of the customer when data gathering.
  • Register photo evidences immediately without the need to additional work.
  • Reduce the amount of error in data input and reduce the time spent in recurrent administrative tasks by integrating systems.
  • Productivity rise by more than 30%
  • Reduce significantly the administrative staff in the department, to 1.
  • Increased the number of inspection made by almost 40%

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