SPFT is a gas certification company accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC).

This small company based in Caxias, Portugal, has a team of 15 inspectors to handle more than 15,000 gas inspections per year.

SPFT complies with Portuguese regulations and standards for gas distribution systems to residential & commercial properties. All properties should undergo the gas inspections periodically as per the government law to protect people from gas accidents and risks.


  • SPFT was looking for efficiencies in its day to day inspection business.
  • The entire procedure of recording a client request, processing information, scheduling inspections and providing required information to the inspectors took long time.
  • In a paper base format, Inspectors spent a lot of time filling handwriting and freeform reports, going into office and give it to staff to enter that same data into a digital format for the issuance of certificates and invoices.
  • As a small company, SPFT needed a productivity solutions to leverage their business in an increasing competitor environment after the liberalization of the Gas Distribution market in Portugal, that lead to more customer contract made with the new distribution companies.


  • We introduced Pro-Inspector to SPFT.
  • Pro-Inspector enabled to automate each process of their business cycle eliminating paperwork by 100%.
  • Starting from recording a client request, configuring check list, planning and scheduling inspections, transmitting the data to inspectors, doing inspections and finally generating reports, certificates and invoices is being completely managed by Pro-Inspector.
  • SPFT has configured highly flexible business specific checklists in gas inspector with responses being supported by specifications, dynamic responses, free text, formulas configuration, tabular data input and assessment of the overall inspections based on critical combinations.
  • The invoicing and accounting data is integrated with their ERP software without the need to duplicate recurrent work.
  • The paper pads were replaced by mini-iPads with a special cover, that rapidly became the standard tool in Gas field inspections


Gas Inspector helped SPFT to considerably reduce their operational cost (Training, Transportation, Stationary, …) and operational time. They reduced the administrative staff, from 4 to 1, by converting them to sales executives and that allow SPFT to open a new office in Leiria, Portugal central region.
  • Increased by 30% the operational team to 20 field inspectors.
  • Reduce 75% the administrative staff, to 1.
  • Increased the number of inspection made by little less than 50%
This substantial grow in inspections made was achieved not only by the augmented number of inspector, but also because the field team used their operational time to focus on doing inspections, not handling administrative tasks and paperwork.

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