The key is all about good travel planning!
Your teams are always on the run, to comply with Preventive maintenance contracts requirements or called to an urgent Corrective incident with specific SLA rules.
You need to profit from the team being already outside and check if there is something to be done in the surroundings: You definitely must not waste the time already spent in travel.
While outside they even need to gather all the information to prepare the next visit, creating alerts and sharing the information inside the company, to confirm if everything is ready and available for the next visit like spare-parts.


  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Corrective Incidents management
  • Need for a mobile warehouse with spare-parts
  • Inventory on consumables
  • Simple, Quick, Uniform and Consistent Monitor Process
  • Register operational data
  • Create tasks and alerts to prepare next visit
  • Tasks workflow
  • Automatic integration with ERP software to manage stock logistics
  • Automatic integration with ERP software to manage invoicing
  • Simple, Quick, Uniform and Consistent Monitor Process
  • Routine procedures without increasing operation workload


  • They use mobile devices like smartphones but that occupies 2 workers at the same time to perform only one tasks
  • Field team plan their routes but don’t profit from location surroundings.
  • They have all the procedures well defined but using paper to gather data from field.
  • In some cases, photos are taken but not immediately made available, with the need of administrative additional work and that increase the probability of wrong replacement parts orders.
  • Evidences are collected but without immediate follow-up.
  • Field data register but in two stages: after collecting data, it needs to be introduced in the Company system.
  • Workers have years of experience but their knowledge is personal.


  • Pro-Inspector is an Enterprise digital tool for Inspections , Audits & Field Services.
  • Paperless: Easier, Simpler & Quicker
  • Instant Report and Global Dashboard
  • Photo Camera to scan codes and to prevent spare-parts wrong replacements
  • Audit History at your finger tips
  • Shared information directly to responsible contacts
  • End to End Workflow with automatic alerts
  • Contracts management
  • Warehouse management
  • Field Team enhanced planning
  • Maps functionalities for better travel planning
  • Integration with customer
  • 360o Audit/Inspection information accessed via web Portal
  • 75% reduction in admin work & 30% increased Productivity

No more “but”!


After implementing Pro-Inspector as their operational tools to do certified Asset Inspections, our customers were able to:

  • Efficient Preventive Maintenance contract management
  • Optimization on Corrective Incidents management
  • Online inventory on mobile warehouses comply with government laws
  • Dashboard Information system with standard reports
  • Reduce response time to close non-conformities detected
  • Increase overall efficiency for all participants with better follow up and feedback

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