BVR – Bureau Veritas Rinave is the Portuguese subsidiary of Bureau Veritas a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services that adopted Pro-Inspector as their internal operational tool for field inspections in several departments, like Gas, Lifts, Assets, and Brand Monitoring among others.

SHLOK is proud to present their case study related to BVR Gas Department.


  • Bureau Veritas Rinave in 2015 was one of the 23 Portuguese certified Gas Inspection companies, but their operation was in a “paper format” environment. Leader in almost every Testing, Inspection and Certification services, the Gas Department were accurate and reliable but very slow in deliver results.
  • With 10 inspector team size and 4 administrative staff to handle 40 daily inspections, without profit and increasing their losses each fiscal year.
  • They struggled to meet their customers’ requirements and they were the last classified by one of the major Portuguese Utilities companies, with several delays and many open processes simultaneously (1000 open processes, some with more than 7,000 hours late (290 days…)).
  • Inspectors spent a lot of time filling handwriting and freeform reports, going into office and give it to staff to enter that same data into a digital format for the issuance of certificates and invoices.


  • We introduced Pro-Inspector to Bureau Veritas Rinave. In the BACKOFFICE we configure the types of inspections and checklists associated. We create the checklists comply with all the Portuguese law with specific Gas rules and regulations.
  • We’ve configure a mobile printer to comply with Fiscal rules to invoice on the spot. Pro-Inspector also integrates with BVR internal ERP software, linked via webservices to automatic handle financial accounting and inspector performance sheet.

  • The system shares the inspection report via email and also store it online for download and check via WEB PORTAL.
  • The planning and schedule of the inspector’s team is integrated with major delivery distributers for better optimization and 100% coverage.
  • The field team where divided into regions and the routes where planned in the BACKOFFICE.
  • The inspectors use a mini iPad with a special cover to be more efficient.


After Pro-Inspector successful implementation in less than a month (from Start to “Go-live” with user training and support), BVR now have:

  • Increased the operational team to 28 field inspectors and reduce to 3 the number of administrative staff.
  • They do an average of 150 inspections a day.
  • They won 2 annual contracts with the 2 major Utilities companies in Portugal, included the one that classified them in last, now classified BVR in first position, without any open processes and meeting all requirements without delays and certificates issued in less than 24 hours.
  • The Gas Department are now profitable and the break-even of the investment in implementing Pro-Inspector was meet in the same fiscal year.
  • Now they are still accurate, reliable, but fast!

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