Even the good professionals make mistakes.

The common, regular and systematic activities make us lower our guard.

We repeat the same actions every day, and sometimes we don’t realize we miss an important check.

Inspection on our activities lower risks.

Not only to comply to law and industry rules and regulations, doing Inspections on our activities lower the risks.


  • Contractors and sub-contractors work force
  • Quick execution tasks vs long time preparation
  • Different equipment and gear
  • Outside activities and geographical dispersion
  • Visual and manual check without immediate evidences record
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Comply with Company procedures
  • Non-Conformities management
  • Tasks workflow
  • Simple, Quick, Uniform and Consistent Monitor Process
  • Routine procedures without increasing operation workload


  • Most of the Inspections are made but without evidence record.
  • There is an inspection process but usually involves Excel and eMail, or a quick phone call Safety Equipment are available but people don’t use it.
  • If the equipment are damaged or malfunctioning users don’t report it but use that as an excuse.
  • Evidences can be collected but the follow-up it’s difficult due to the complex contractors network.
  • Non Conformities can be detected but without history reference or context
  • You can have a detail report but no immediate tasks created to follow up
  • The reports provide all the important data but it take too long to read and evaluate


  • Pro-Inspector is an Enterprise digital tool for Inspections , Audits & Field Services.
  • Paperless: Easier, Simpler & Quicker
  • Instant Report and Global Dashboard
  • Gather photo evidences and signatures
  • Audit History at your finger tips
  • End to End Workflow with automatic alerts
  • 360o AUDIT/Inspection information accessed via web Portal
  • 75% reduction in admin work & 30% increased Productivity

No more “but”!


After implementing Pro-Inspector as their operational tools to Audit their Stores, our customers were able to:

  • Confirm the Health Regulations compliance in every store with strong evidences (metadata stamped with dates and GPS references: Photos, signatures)
  • Check all non-conformities status and their responsible actions
  • Maintain participants engagement by sharing results, stats and action/tasks status
  • Reduce response time to close non-conformities detected
  • Increase overall efficiency for all participants with better follow up and feedback

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