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Management System Audits are now Digital

Simpler, Easier & Quicker

Pro – Inspector is the Ultimate answer to all needs of the Automotive Industry. Ensure compliance and monitor systematic audits that are remotely accessible. Track NCs to closure and never go back to using paperwork again.


The team at SHLOKLABS, they were able to really seamlessly work and bring out the product in very record time. Our average time for a lease of the audit report is 8 days. Now we have reset the target to 2 days, which is actually a 75% reduction in the time for releasing the report.  It is a complete solution provider for the manual work we did previously. “

- R Vasudevan & Team

Vice President – Brakes India

Process Audits

Process audits get simplified to no end with Pro Inspector. It provides the organization with an overview of their functions and performances efficiently and effectively that helps them determine their focus on the corrective actions and continual improvement.

Audit ManagementAudit Management
Checklist ManagementChecklist Management
Conformance ControlConformance Control
Workflow ManagementWorkflow Management
Escalation ManagementEscalation Management

IATF 16949

IATF audits are big for the automotive industry and so is the weight of their responsibilities on any organization. With Pro Inspector, manage all the heavy lifting under one finger and get audit reports generated automatically after audit completion.

Parallel Workflow ManagementParallel Workflow Management
GYR ReportGYR Report
Clause based Checklist ManagementClause based Checklist Management
Approval CycleApproval Cycle
Document RepositoryDocument Repository

Significant Features

Digitize your Entire Automobile Inspection Process