Client is a pioneer in the field of telematics sector. The organization was founded in 1995. The client was the first in Europe to work with GPS technology for vehicle tracking. They specialize in development, production and marketing of goods and services which involve tracking of vehicles, people, objects and advanced fleet management via GPS using mobility intelligence concept.


  • To maintain its vast customer base in Portugal, client realized to opt for a full suite ERP solution to address the requirements of all the departments.
  • Need of this implementation was to have real time automated data so as to improve its sales and to manage its stock, employees, invoic-es etc.
  • Invoice automated reporting process was difficult to handle. Also scenario based reports for (Weekly, monthly & yearly etc.) were required.
  • Bank transactions had to comply with SEPA (Single European payment area).
  • A robust stock management system was required to handle the huge volume of products.
  • Supplier invoices document management was tedious as client procured many intrinsic components from different suppliers. Sales, Purchase and Human resource management had to be made seamlessly.
  • Reports management had to be designed in order to support all the integrated modules in the ERP.


  • Industry specific ERP solution was provided which accelerated sales, cut costs, time and improved the profit margins.
  • We implemented finance, sales, purchase, warehouse & human resource management and assured the client of their ability to meet its day-to-day demands.
  • Automated all business process thereby increased overall operational efficiency.
  • Browser-based client interface facilitated the application users to work on a browser and no need of set up files.
  • Dashboard provided easy access to payments, invoice, classification and rejected invoices details.
  • SEPA (Single European payment area) rules and methodology were adhered to.
  • Configured a wide range of product options and the inventory process is streamlined which reduced inventory write offs.
  • Business process in sales and distribution was re-designed and all the process made scalable.
  • We developed a solution to define and manage various master data’s such as sales divisions, departments, inventory, locations, suppliers, etc as well as monitor the utilization of resources.
  • All the application users were given robust security through the implementation of HR module.
  • Reports such as sales, purchase, stock, inventory, treasury, budget target, invoice, turnover, HR, cost centre, aging, etc were generated with maximum accuracy and efficiency.


  • ERP solution helped increase sales cycles, configure wide range of product options, generate more accurate reports and improved profit margins.
  • Automated all business and functional process thereby increased overall operational efficiency.
  • Improved internal business process and enabled organization to improve customer satisfaction.

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