The client is one of the biggest Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe which combines maths with creativity and strategy. They are into marketing automation tool services that handle data in an unparalleled way which enrich the data. They turn data into insights, and then define the right actions which results in focused campaigns, no waste, and solid results for its customers. Their approach is a data-driven focus that makes sure that their clients get a maximal return from their marketing efforts. Predominantly their focus area is in to digital strategy, digital presence, digital performance and data management.


  • The client wanted to build a new data intelligence platform which could be extended later on with a large data of customer personal details and email campaigning module.
  • The client wanted the platform to process a huge amount of customer emails quickly & precisely and grouping them according to the customer, which was huge to accommodate in conventional RDBMS.
  • Grouping customers based on their profiles must be facilitated.
  • Repetition of customers occurred in case of different source fields. This lead to the duplication of customers which remained as a great challenge.
  • Emails had to be fetched in less than two seconds from millions of records but search functionality was found to be very slow in the architecture existed.
  • The performance of the marketing automation tool took a toll by dynamic and variable loads.
  • Multiple search and filtering options were required to be implemented during email campaigning for dashboard integration


SHLOKLABS approached the above challenges in the following ways,

  • A solution using Big Data was provided for the management of unstructured data which is used here for email campaigning,
  • We have provided the solution that facilitated search and filter operation for customer emails and to handle data in an unparalleled way.
  • The data deduplication algorithm is used for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data (Customer details).
  • Elastic search and map reducer concepts are also used to segregate customer emails based on the particular location.
  • At the end this will allow the client to predict the behavior of their customer based on the historical data (conversion scoring ratio) and engage their customers through the complete customer life cycle.


  • Response time has been improved at the greater level which expanded their distributed system globally with the help of the automated marketing tool.
  • Uniform user experience has increased and served as an accelerator through auto scaling solution.
  • Data enrichment is acquired.
  • As advanced search is implemented, Junk data are refined easily.
  • Purchase information of customers is obtained in fraction of seconds.

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